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Beginners and Elementary Courses

Our Beginners Courses are for students with no or little previous knowledge of German.
Our Elementary Courses are for students with some previous knowledge of German (approx 30+ hours of tuition).

Levels 1 - 4 cover A1 (CEFR)*

Please refer to the course comparison table on our "General Information Page" for more information. 

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Beginners Speaking Practice - 4 week course

Beginners Speaking Practice - 4 week course

31 Jan 2018. 19:00 - 20:00

6a/33A Logan Road, Woolloongabba QLD 4102, Australia


These classes are part of our Revision/Practice Program.

They are for BEGINNER students who want to practice their speaking. Please note, these classes are not suitable for advanced students. We will cover topics from levels 1-4.

Based on book: Schritte International 1+2, CEFR A1 (no book required for the course)

You don't need to be a DerDieDas student to attend these classes, they are open to all learners in Brisbane.*

Each class is one 60 minute unit. We will start each class with a short presentation of the topic (approx. 15 minutes), followed by 45 minutes of speaking practice exercises.

Course outline:

31st Jan - Unit 1: Meine Familie und ich

7th Feb - Unit 2: Freizeit und Hobbys

14th Feb - Unit 3: Beruf und Tagesablauf

21st Feb - Unit 4: Reisen und Essen

Each class can also be booked independently for $10 per class.

Classes need to be pre-booked online.

The teacher will not be able to accept cash payments on the day of the class.

*Please note, students should know the basics of the covered topic already because they have either taken lessons before or are self-taught. We will only be able to spend the first 15 minutes per class to explain the topic, the remaining 45 minutes are practice time for you.

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