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Revision/Practice Unit 4: Dative and Dative Prepositions (mit, nach, von, zu, ...)

Each class is one 60 minute unit and can be taken independently from other classes.
We will start each class with a short presentation of the grammar topic (approx 15 minutes), followed by 45 minutes of practice exercises and revision at different levels.
Please note, these classes are not for absolute beginners, as they are meant to be practice and revision. This means that students should know the basics of the covered topic already because they have either taken lessons before or are self-taught. We will only be able to spend the first 15 minutes per class to explain the grammar, the remaining 45 minutes are practice time for you. 
Full Course outline:
  • Unit 1, 30/11/19 - Perfect Tense Verbs (habe ... gekauft, bin ... geflogen)
  • Unit 2, 07/12/19 - Subject and Object (Nominative and Accusative Case)
  • Unit 3, 14/12/19 - Possessive Articles (mein, dein, sein, ...)
  • Unit 4, 21/12/19 - Dative and Dative Prepositions (mit, nach, von, zu, ...)


Teacher: Maria

Each class is $10 and needs to be pre-booked online. The teacher will not be able to accept cash payments on the day of the class. 

Course Properties

Start Date 21 December 2019 2:00 pm
Full Fee AU$10.0
Duration 1 hour
Location Woolloongabba Classroom

Venue Information - Woolloongabba Classroom

We are no longer accepting registration for this course

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