Phone Number

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What measures is DerDieDas taking to make the courses safe for students and teachers?


The classroom:

We have implemented a strict cleaning regime before each course. This includes all tables and high touch surfaces being cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants proven to kill COVID-19. Hand sanitizer and soap are available for all students and teachers.


The premises:

We ask our students to wait outside the classroom in the waiting area/foyer of the building or outside of the building, in case the door downstairs is closed. Your teacher will take a couple of minutes to sanitize the room and open the windows. 
Please adhere to social distancing rules by staying at least 1.5 meters apart.  Please make sure you either wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when entering the classroom.


The teachers

Our teachers are advised to stay at home when feeling unwell, even if it is just a slight cough or a runny nose. This may lead to some postponed classes or classes that are being held online and not in class. We ask for your understanding. 

Our teachers will limit interactive activities where items are shared, such as cards or dice. If our teacher feels the activity is important for our students' learning, we will use extra hygiene measures, for example, sanitizing hands before and after the activity and sanitizing the shared item after the activity is completed. 


The students

We ask our students to stay at home when feeling unwell, even if it is just a slight cough or a runny nose. Our teachers are more than happy to send out lesson notes after the class.
Our teachers have the right to ask a student to leave if they become unwell during the class.